Artisan Cheese Company, a cheese shop located in Sarasota, Florida, offers hand-cut to order artisanal and farmstead cheeses from across the region, the country and Europe. We stock other lovelies such as interesting oils, salts, honeys, jams and chutneys, to share with guests, or for just you, or to have on hand in your larder. We'll advise you as needed, or leave you alone to browse. Don't know cheese, don't be afraid! We'll guide you to the perfect stinker, or the gooiest bloomy bit of magic. 

We have relocated to 550 Central Avenue, in the Rosemary District. Still in downtown, but just north in the Rosemary District. The new space has more seating, more elbow room, a lovely pantry area for specialty goods, and a small produce collection, and of course our cheese case where we have more room to chat with each customer. Oh, and we have ice cream now! 

We've expanded our cheese inventory to showcase a strong focus on seasonal American farmhouse and Artisanal cheeses.  We love what we do. We are your Florida Cheese Shop right here in Sarasota, Florida.

Girl's Inc. 
The heartbeat of our shop is our collaboration with Girl's Inc. The ARTISAN CHEESE COMPANY Apprentice program is a partnership with GIRLS INC, that brings girls into a professional kitchen environment and teaches them how to be stronger, smarter, and bolder through cooking. The girls work with classically trained chefs to learn the disciplines of the culinary arts, and to foster a passion for cooking. Every three months the Apprentices host a three-course dinner at Artisan Cheese Company. Learn More


We have lots of new things to offer, and some of our tried and true as well. We offer cheese classes once a month, and occasional dinners. Our next dinner is a wine dinner on June 24. 


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