stichelton - you say that three times fast! February 24, 2012 22:30

I trekked to Formaggio Kitchen in the South End of Boston sometime last year. I knew that they carried some Neal’s Yard cheeses, and I had a hankering for a bit of blue. I know that I can’t get Blue Monday in American, which is such a shame. (note to self!) So I settled for a wedge of Stichelton. It’s made from unpasteurised milk (Cow) with animal rennet. The cheese is a newcomer – five years ago it came on the market, but it’s made with the bacteria that was used in making now banned unpasteurised Stilton. (thank you Listeria) The cheese, hails from a dairy in Nottinghamshire – think Sherwood Forest, run by an American Joe Schneider in collaboration with Randolph Hodgson. But enough of provenance. To the cheese. It’s creamy and lingers long in the mouth. Not as shocking as one might expect from a blue, still sharp, but rich and pops with flavour.