Cheese gives me the Blues! April 25, 2012 15:57

The first day I first started working at Artisan Cheese Company, Louise had me write down the phrase, "I love cheese, especially stinky cheese!".  While the former half of the sentence is true for me, the latter half was certainly not so true.  Still, this did not stop Louise from feeding me several types of blue cheese over the course of the day.  I tried the Stilton Colston Bassett from England, the Bayley Hazen Blue from Vermont, and the Asher Blue from Georgia.  No matter where it was from, I could not enjoy it, even if I tried!  By the end of the day, when I finally thought I'd had enough, Louise gave me one more bit of blue, but this time, it had honey on top of it.  Finally, I began to understand the mystique of that pungent, moldy cheese! Now, it still isn't my favorite type of cheese, but I've learned not to judge a cheese too quickly.