shy brothers make great cheese... July 5, 2012 22:06

a couple of weeks ago I trekked back up to MA for three whirlwind days to take care of some appointments. I flew into Boston, rented a neat little Italian Fiat (keeping it mind for our next car purchase, or a delivery car for Artisan Cheese) and dashed down to Buzzard's Bay to see friends and to visit two cheesemakers. I stayed in Mattapoisett at our friends Neil and Nancy, a lovely evening like so many others we've spent together. I watched Nancy create effortlessly, and with ease, a perfect early summer dinner. Before we tucked in Nancy and I visited Shy Brothers Farm in Westport. I had a small window to get there, despite wanting to stop ten different times to breath in June. It was a perfect afternoon/evening. Postcard landscapes. I really want to bring in products that are unique to Sarasota, not for the novelty factor, but because we want to provide shelf space for the amazing cheese makers and artisan producers. We want to tell their stories. Barbara is a Southern lady living in MA, and she oozed all that I love about the South - comfort, charm, and good sensibility. And she's passionate about Shy Brother's cheese. Barbara and her husband Leo have been working with the Shy Brothers (Kevin, Arthur, Norman, and Karl) for some years now. The Santos brothers - two sets of fraternal twins - are really Shy, thus the name "Shy Brothers". Barbara Hanley met us at the Cheese House in Westport, just down from the Shy Brother's Farm, where we tasted Hannibels and Cloumage, which I plan to bring in to the case as soon as I can figure out how to get it down to Florida.
Cloumage™ is a fresh lactic curd made from our cows’ milk at Shy Brothers Farm. When cooked, Cloumage™ has the texture of a baked ricotta. Salad—potatoes—salmon—tarts—all flavors are enhanced by the zip of this curd.  The lactic tang of the curd marries well with both sweet and savory flavors.
Barbara loves it simply with fresh cracked pepper or fruit. We think you're going to go crazy over this curd. We're already thinking up ways to add it to our favorite pasta dishes.
Hannahbells are tiny artisanal cheeses hand made. Some folks call them thimbles. The French call them “boutons de coulottes”, or “trouser buttons.” The brothers call them Hannahbells, after their mom.
They're just so lovely that they'd bring drama to any dish. They're classics and we can't wait to bring them to Sarasota. We have to wait a while for the weather to cool down as these magical buttons have a short shelf life.