Leicestershire Handmade Cheese Company December 6, 2012 00:20

David & Jo Clarke of Upton England make this traditional English cheese much in the same manner as it was originally done in 1745. Sparkenhoe Red Leicestershire has a soft silky rich creamy mouth feel with a nutty quality and just a hint of the grassy pasture you'll recognize from some of the best farmhouse Cheddars. It's rich in flavor and honors its legacy. I wanted to bring a cheese to the case that would be a center piece on a cheese board, something that would bring a pleasant mouth feel and would appeal to just about everyone. I think the Sparkenhoe Red Leicester is it. Sparkenhoe is made on a Leicestershire farm in England, near where my family comes from (middle of the country). This is the real deal and nothing like the red leicesters you'll find squeezed into plastic at your local supermarket. Sparkenhoe is an old Leicestershire name meaning gorsey nob. It was the name given to the old medieval one hundred area and as the farm is situated in the middle of this area it was named Sparkenhoe Farm. The last time Leicester cheese was made on a farm in Leicestershire was in the 1950’s by a Mr Shepherd of Bagworth. He was a dairy farmer and was said to have made the finest Red Leicester Cheese and supplied all the local butchers and cheese shops. Over 50 years on this age old art has been revived by Leicestershire Handmade Cheese Company making the aptly named ‘Sparkenhoe’ Leicester. Come in and ask for a sample from any one of our mongers.