Bonne Bouche from Vermont Creamery September 18, 2013 08:52

bonne bouche

If  the words "farm to table" are ever in the air, my eyes widen and my heart warms.  I think of seasons, vegetables in dirt and happy farm animals.  This highly hard working world magically finds it's way into our kitchens or perhaps my dreams (insert dream bubble here...) a long natural wooden table with simple plates, jar candles, wild flowers and cutlery.  Nature is not only our landscape but now our personal friend...a nutrient rich friend. Vermont Creamery is, as they say "Artisan Cheeses from Farm to Table" and not just one but 17 family farms; each yielding 150 happy goats (on average) and all operating under the movement to improve local agriculture.  Inspired by European cheese making, Co-Founders Allison Hooper and Bob Reese learned long ago that "quality originates at the source".  This is why we love them dearly.  They're a living, breathing movement that we're supporting...and it's delicious! Bonne Bouche meaning "good mouthful" is a French style award winning (circa 2011, gold) ash ripened cheese.  Starting with pasteurized goats milk, Bonne Bouche goes under slow curd formation where it's then hand  ladled into molds, drained and sprinkled with salt and ash.  From here the aging process begins...the process that not only gives us that geo-wrinkly rind but also the earth yet bright tasting notes.  Aged 10 days before it's sent out then up to another 80 thereafter.  Anything with that large a delicious window is A-OK in my book.

I particularly enjoy Bonne Bouche further into it's aging.  I love the breakdown, the soft liquid cream line is all sorts of  heaven...almost dessert-like.  I'm not sure what my life was before Bonne Bouche but I see a bond that will last many years to come!   See you at the shop!