..."how long have you been here?" January 29, 2013 17:13

we get asked this all the time by our customers. Because we are so consumed with life at Artisan Cheese Company, we are always so surprised that people come in all day long and tell us that they didn't know we're here. Or, "when did you open?". For those of you just stumbling upon us, we opened at the end of March in 2011, so we are nearing the end of our first infant year. We are loving being in Sarasota and we love where we are on Main Street. But it seems it's a bit hard to find us. So here are some key pointers -

We're across from Living Walls, on Lower Main Street. So if you know where Epicure is stand on that corner and look towards Marina Jack and you'll see us a bit kitty corner across the road.

Look for the Red Ship's Funnel. It's a real ship's funnel, an icon that has been on the roof line of Sarasota since the Cunard folks had a sales office in our spot.

There's always parking at the Palm Avenue Garage. And it's Free!! Thank you Sarasota.

Or, there's usually two hour parking around the corner on Gulf Stream in angled parking. In fact, I've never not seen a parking space available there.

Or if you're lucky you might find a parking space open right out front of the shop or across the road if they're not being squatted by employees of some of the near by businesses (sorry, it's a pet peeve, especially since we have such a fabulous free parking garage steps away!).