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Life behind the counter... August 18, 2013 17:20

My first post as a cheesemonger (in training).  

Life behind the counter if you will.  My world in artisanal cheese culture has expanded so much in the past few months that it's only fair to start writing about it.  You'll find my likes, loves and everything in between.  There's so much to learn and taste, keeping it all to myself would be a mongering tragedy.  Learning combined with palette exploding moments are what hooked me from the moment I tip toed into the shop. The monger team embraces everyone with such knowledge and enthusiasm.  This is how it began for me as a customer  and what I hope to bring to the cheese board...err, table.  I couldn't be happier sharing it with Louise, Parker, Kira and Megan.  Cheers!

cheese boards. 

Cheese knowledge and Recipes.

 lil bo' sheep.