Cheese Louise

jammin April 10, 2012 22:42

We love that there are folks out there who are passionate about fruit, so much so that they jam pack oodles of fruit and not much else (perhaps a bit of sugar) and cram it into jars that end up on our shelves. Pair the jam with goat cheese, or a sharp cheddar (we have those) or just savor it on toast in the morning. We'll be adding jams all the time. Old fashioned goodness. We've introduced you already to Bonnie's Jams. And we'll go more in depth in a post in the next few days. But have you tried INNA JAM (get it, I'm in a jam!) INNA JAM makes fresh, seasonal jams from organic fruit grown within 100 miles of their Berkeley kitchen. Their single-varietal and spicy pepper jams capture the vibrant, unique flavors of each fruit at its seasonal peak. INNA jams are made in small batches and are delivered by bicycle! Although for Artisan Cheese Company, they allowed us to have them shipped in by a slow moving truck.