Cheese Louise

Hunkadora from Prodigal Farm May 6, 2014 16:02

hunkadora from prodigal farm. One of the notable highlights of cheese mongering (thus far) has been knowing when a certain cheese, seasonal or usual suspect, has reached it's ultimate aging window.  I have found myself, on numerous occasions, sampling a cheese and although enjoying it's youthfulness, I secretly in my mind of minds...wait for it's slow break down. Right now, after about a week or almost two the Hunkadora form Prodigal Farm has reached it's sweet spot.  The fudge like paste still exists yet the rind in all it's ash, molded glory has begun transcending .  The cream line, which is formed by the rind breaking down the fat and protein in the paste, is heaven all it's own.  This causes the cheese to mature, already forming it's own opinion and ready for college. You'll find the Hunkadora resembling Selles-Su-Cher, they've tossed around this familiar recipe and created something brilliant, tangy and creamy.  Late Spring and early Summer is in the air and so is Prodigal Farm.  Kathryn Spann and Dave Krabbe, through their years of beginning and now perfecting, have warmed our cases and our hearts.  Their love of land, farming and cheese making is tastefully tangible. See you at the shop!