Life of a Cheesemonger

Meet Kait February 27, 2017 23:13 4 Comments

If you've been by the shop in the last few months you've most likely seen the Cheese Elves  hard at work filling orders, styling gift baskets, preparing lovely cheeseboards and fulfilling as many cheese dreams as possible over the holiday season.

We may be a bit tired, but we are mostly, and sincerely, thankful for all of you. The holidays would've been much less enjoyable without all of our wonderful patrons who came to visit, brighten our days, lift our spirits and empty our cases. 

Now, lets talk a bit about cheese. 

While I have only been a monger for the past seven months, I feel that it is within my ability to say, that, from a monger's perspective, the holiday season is a real treat. It's a chance for Louise to really roll out the red carpet and showcase some really spectacular bits of cheese. ( Hellooo Moser Truffle ) Our cases have been packed with the most delightful spectrum and variety of cheeses.

The only draw back was that the holiday cheeses didn't stay for too long. But, it was so nice to meet each lovely wheel, wedge, pyramide and button while we had the chance. 

As we venture into the new year, it is exciting to consider all of the brand new cheeses, as well as our well-loved favorites, that will debut and return to our cases in the coming twelve months. We are excited for new opportunities to expand our knowledge and understanding of each cheese, and for new projects that will allow us to share our evolving passion with you.

Cheers to 2017, and to new adventures in cheese!

Your friendly Cheesemonger,