Do you know someone who loves cheese or unique gourmet food items? Why not send them one of our iconic baskets? These are great for corporate gifts, anniversaries, birthdays, or just plain because. We make up our gift baskets either in one of our signature red bags or in a genuine cheese box made in Wisconsin. We’ll do the work of shipping it off to your loved one or colleague and you’ll get all the credit.

NOT SO FINE PRINT - PLEASE READ If your gift includes cheese, and we hope that it does, we will ship to get there in two days. Gift baskets including cheese are shipped out on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays to ensure that the perishable items get to their destination in just two days. 

Because cheese is perishable, we ship only two-day FedEx Monday - Wednesday. We don't ship everywhere though, but if you live in the South, you're in luck. There's more details here about our shipping process. 

Here's a map of where we ship to. If you live in one of these pink or turquoise states, then let us be your local cheese shop.