A little bit more about the shop

What made us open a shop in a highly seasonal town? And a cheese shop at that? Well we believe in Sarasota, and wanted to create a place, a shop, where people could feel a connection to, and want to come back again and again. Our focus is on small production goods, whether it be the cheese, or the pantry items we stock. And honestly, we were just plain sick of not knowing where our food came from and what all those ingredients were for. So we try to bring in items that have as few ingredients used as possible. We know there are people like us out there. 

But mostly we are a cheese shop. We want to take the intimidation out of cheese. We're story tellers at heart and we want to share with you, our customers, what the magic of cheese is. We teach classes called Cheese 101 here at the shop. Or, just wander on in off the street and we will be happy to chat cheese with you. It's what we do.

You can also enjoy a lovely cheese plate at our table, or have lunch with us M-Friday 11 - 3.