About Us

Parker and Louise Converse

Meet the Converses
Artisan Cheese Company is owned by Louise Converse. She started the shop with her husband five years ago, but he has stepped back and is focusing on his amazing rocking chairs. The couple have traveled far and wide, and first lived in Sarasota from 2002 – 2008 where they both enjoyed very non cheesey livings (Parker is a master woodworker – www.parkerconverse.com and Louise was a partner in a successful graphic design business ). In 2008 they returned to New England as Louise was wooed back to a former job at Harvard, but it was always their plan to find a way back to Sarasota.

Parker, from Marion, MA, brings excellence to everything he takes on, whether it’s driving a boat, or building a custom rocking chair. He’s responsible for turning the space on Main Street into what we think a cheese shop should feel like. The space at 1310 Main Street has been many things – a jewelry shop, an eco clothing store, a realty agency, a cruise ship office, a rug dealer’s shop, and so on – so taking all of that history and transforming the space to a traditional cheese shop is a labor of love for Parker.

Louise is originally from England and Scotland. She’s always loved cheese, and has always wanted to open up a proper cheese shop. Louise’s touch is not only all over the business end of Artisan Cheese Company, but also in the look and feel of the brand. Louise wakes up in the middle of the night to ideas and dreams up new ideas for how everything should look, from the right light fixture right down to the best way to describe the cheese on the cheese cards. Above all Louise wants Artisan Cheese Company to be the kind of a shop that she herself seeks out in a new town she visits, and where she can lose time in.

Before opening the shop in 2012, Parker and Louise toured Scotland and England, and across New England, tasting their way north and south in search of cheesemongery, all the while hatching plans for the shop. They kept a mental rolodex of what works and what doesn’t.

Artisan Cheese Company, like anything pulled out of a dream, will grow and change shape as we go forward. Come and say hello. Try a cheese. Adventure through the condiments, or stop for a coffee and a cheese plate.