IMG_4075ANGELA Why Cheese? -I believe that cheese and I are like old friends, best buds if you will. Throughout the years I've watched my taste in most things evolve especially with cheese.  I love the tart pinch from a nice cheddar or the lingering paste of goats cheese. My favorite is a tasting that reminds me of walking into the barn with my grandfather when Maggy, their jersey cow, was ready for milking. To me, cheese isn't just a flavor or note...its memories mixed with aged tradition. Favorite music to drive by -The only song to listen to whilst driving is Feel It All Around by Washed Out. It's magical. Throw in some Kimbra or Ane Brun's Do You Remember and you've got yourself a lil party! Ice cream flavor -Most memorable flavor would be Crumbs Along the Mohawk. Graham cracker flavored ice cream with graham cracker pieces and swirls of caramel. Yes!  I've only found this in NY. Pet peeve -When breakfasting and my coffee is refilled automatically, without asking first. It takes time to concoct the perfect ratios of coffee to sugar to cream. Favorite book -People Are Unappealing, True Stories of Our Collective Capacity To Irritate and Annoy by Sara Barron. Delightfully hilarious. Cheese of the moment Being that I'm a sucker for goats cheese, bloomy rinds and oozing centers, Crottin from Prodigal Farms is at the top of my list. Also the newly introduced Grays Chapel from Goat Lady Dairy. More... It's safe to say my growing up (partially) in upstate NY helped form my preferred relationship with food and the earth as I know it. I remember wishing Brie were as readily available as butter on the table. and my French grandfather cooking with a lil help from his garden friends {insert savory aromas here}. I remember sunlit porches with fresh corn husking and the swing that my little self fit perfectly on. My grandmothers baking powder biscuits fresh out of the oven, dusted with flour and perfectly matched with her homemade jelly. My childhood memories are at times perfectly matched with what I experience now, in my thirties.  This awesomeness is one of the many reasons why food memories and relationships are my most favorite. Since beginning my journey with Artisan I've seen in special detail the stories exchanged, the taste buds awakened and I can't wait for more.