cheese louise

Why Cheese? 

Because I think cheesemakers are alchemists, making golden joy out of 3 or 4 ingredients.

Favorite music to drive by.
Loud jazz - no words, Berlioz, or Goodie Mob

Ice cream flavor
French Vanilla

Pet peeve
bad photography / drop shadows

Favorite book

Wind in the Willows

Cheese of the moment
Baetje Farms Bloomsdale - a Valencay-like goat. I'm hooked.


When I was a young girl trying to grow up in Britain, we had mongers everywhere. The Fishmonger, was a feature of every small town or village. Think sawdust on the floor, usually tiled or vinyl black and white with scattered saw dust presumably to dull the fish smells that must have permeated the place. These were places of pure magic for me. The butchers with their blue and white striped long aprons and chops and joints displayed against home made sausages. There was usually a florist somewhere in there.I don't remember cheese shops in my jaunts into town. They were off my radar. But I remember them as an adult in places like Paris, and Auvergne, Brussels, and of course, London. I found Neal's Yard as a woman in my 20s, the original one in Covent Garden and when ever I am back in London I will go there. I've been hooked ever since.

I didn't grow up wanting to be a cheesemonger. I've already lived the dreams of my youth - artist, graphic designer, University Administrator. This cheese monger gig is pure delight and something that I will grow into.

I seem to write in small sentences.

I worked at a famous university. But I wanted to open a cheese shop.

Parker and I created Artisan Cheese Company as a reflection of what we love to do together - enjoy the company of friends around our dinner table – but with cheese.