Sweet Grass Dairy Asher Blue and TruBee Honey
- photo by Neil Alexander

People pop into the shop all the time and ask us for a menu of our cheese, which we don’t have. Our cheese case changes all the time with the seasonality of cheese and is subject to availability. We can bring a cheese in one week, and then not be able to bring it in again for a while. Also, summer cheeses, especially the fresh soft and delicate varieties, won’t be around in the winter, but in the winter time we'll bring you rich Tommes and savory firm cheeses to delight during the cooler winter days

The good news is that we are working hard to bring the most seasonally fresh and lovely cheese to our cheese case. And we want you to come in and try them. We love to sample, and if you have special requests, do let us know.

We have about 70% American Artisinal and Farmhouse cheese, and the rest from across the pond in Europe. We have a great relationship with Neals Yard Dairy in London who exports some of our most loved cheeses (Montgomery Cheddar, Colston Bassett Stilton, Ardrahan just to name a few). But our main focus is bringing you the cheese that we believe in and can stand behind and right now so many of those cheeses are made here in America.

If you want to know more, come and join us for one of our classes. Or just stop by the counter and have a chat with us.