Meet Deanna

Why Cheese?
I am from the Netherlands…need I say more?

Favorite music to drive by:
Anything and everything that goes with the rhythm of my day. Anything that makes me feel like a racecar driver is good too.

Ice cream flavor:
My first job when I was 16 was in an ice cream shop, that combined with my preference for savory foods and massive amounts of sampling pretty much threw my liking for ice cream out the window.

Pet peeve:
Open mouthed chewing and the sound that accompanies it. The mispronunciation of “Gouda”.

Favorite book:
The Phantom Tollbooth.

Cheese of the moment:
You can’t possibly expect me to pick just one right? Let’s see….Lambchopper, San Andreas, Bloomsdale, and Field of Creams- creamy, tangy, smooth delicious goodness.

If someone were to ask me what the one activity is that has taken up the most time in my life I would say enjoying food. Yes, I am a food lover—enthusiast? I grew up going to school with the not-so-typical meals in my lunchbox…brown, grainy bread with lobster spread, papaya and soy milk. On Friday’s pizza days, I had my brown bread with melted cheese. Needless to say, my strange assortment of foods made every first grader shout “what is that?!” Regardless, I continued to munch away and my love for food prevailed.

Holland has a very developed cheese culture, so naturally we always have/had lots of cheese in the house (not that it lasted very long). Manchego,Tetilla, goat logs, Brie and Gouda were frequent visitors in our home. One of my favorite past times was and still is to sit on the couch with a big piece of cheese, a knife, and a good book and just go to town. When I was about 9 years old, on one of our trips back to Holland, we stopped in Alkmaar to go see the cheese market or “ Kaas Markt”. It was such a fantastic experience for me as a child to see huge rounds of cheese everywhere. They had an enormous old fashioned scale on which they weighed the cheese, I even had a chance to stand on one side and get weighed! Next time I’m at the market I plan to confiscate a whole round of Gouda and fly it back to Artisan Cheese Company, although I may just keep it for myself.