IMG_6270                                 DEREK Why Cheese? It's one of the most complex ways to showcase the terroir of a region, maybe even more than wine.  And since i am a huge food nerd, that gets me very excited.  Also cheese is strange and delicious. Favorite music to drive by Alternative rock, blue grass, or rap.   depending on the situation, of course Ice cream flavor dark chocolate.  keep it real Pet peeve Unfolded towels and dirty cutting boards Favorite book non-fiction - Kitchen Confidential   fiction - I have to say harry potter, because i was 100% certain i was going to get a letter in the mail when i turned 11, and promptly be taken to a Wizarding school in New Hampshire somewhere.  Thank you 5th grade teacher for putting false ideas in my head. Cheese of the moment Hafod Cheddar!  the toasted sesame aromas!  Hopefully it's more than just a fling More... I'm down here for the winter learning all i can about cheese, and retail.  Usually I'm juggling pans around a scorching flat top, and screaming "yes chef".  I can talk about food endlessly, but my non gastronomic endeavors, include running, mountain biking, climbing, and reading