Girl's Inc Apprentice Program

The ARTISAN CHEESE COMPANY Apprentice program is a partnership with GIRLS INC, of Sarasota, that brings girls into a professional kitchen environment and teaches them how to be stronger, smarter, and bolder through cooking. The girls work with classically trained chefs to learn the disciplines of the culinary arts, and to foster a passion for cooking. Every three months the Apprentices host a three-course dinner at Artisan Cheese Company.

While we do a good job masquerading as a cheese shop, we're really doing a good deal more. Our Girl's Inc Apprentice program kicked off in the beginning of 2019, after months of planning. One of the highlights was a recent dinner where our four apprentices cooked a three course meal for 31 guests. Chef Kailene led them in a culinary adventure that will stay with everyone for a very long time. The girls helped plan the menu, they prepped for days, they pulled their own mozzarella, they rolled their own pasta, and they even used the left over whey to make a caramel sauce for the dessert. The girls received a standing ovation. We cried. A lot. This program is not simply a token of our fancy, it's hard work, and full of reward. It's connected us to some purpose more than simply 9 - 5.

But did you know that our apprentice program is a self funded enterprise? We realize that not everyone is aware that we're doing this all ourselves, and our pockets are not deep despite having this shiny new shop. We crowdsourced via a successful kickstarter campaign 1.2 years ago to get us up and running and to reconfigure out kitchen to support apprentices, (thank you to so many of you) . People have approached us and asked if and how they can help? The answer is, YES. Girl's Inc of Sarasota, have set up a fund which will accept donations that will go directly to our program and to the girls by a scholarship. So if you wish to sponsor the program, whether through your business, or because you want to help, you can do that. (941) 366-6646

But You can also help just by coming to the shop. As an incentive, we'll be picking out a few products every day across the shop and in the cheese counter, where we will add a few dollars to the price and then direct those additional dollars to the Girl's Inc program. Look for the Girl's Inc logo, or ask us. We'd like to make sure that it's a continuing effort and successful for years to come.