Kira has been with Artisan Cheese Company since our first weekend. She’s keenly interested in sustainable food sourcing, and so having her spend time with us at the cheese shop is a great match – not only because her interest in small farm to table sustainability, but also because she happily pitches in and helps as needed. Kira tasting cheese and learning as she goes. She doesn’t like the blues. Yet.

Come in and see Kira wrap like a champion on Thursdays and Saturdays.

Kira has a blog which you can find here (KIRA'S BLOG). Kira shares random thoughts on what it takes to become a cheese monger and why cheese is important.

Why Cheese?
Aside from being delicious, cheese is complex and interesting - from the process to the people that make it.

Favorite music to drive by
Well, I don't have a car. So, my favorite music to walk to is anything that keeps me in rhythm.

Ice cream flavor
chocolate fudge brownie

Pet peeve
people unwilling to try new things

Favorite book
How We are Hungry by Dave Eggers

Cheese of the moment
Montgomery Cheddar - perfectly cheddar-y, but miles ahead of grocery store cheddar

I suppose you could say that I am diverse - I'm German, was born in England, and moved to Florida when I was seven. I'm also one of 4 girls.  My mixed experiences as a child have made me quite the adventurer today! Last summer, as soon as I graduated high school, I went to Seattle, Portland, and then to a farm in Oregon for two and half months.  This coming summer, I plan to road trip across America in a VW camper.  Along the way, I'll stop at different farms and national parks.  While traveling is my favorite thing to do, eating cheese is right up there! Cheese and I have an enduring relationship from the second grade on when I had a cheese sandwich for lunch everyday.