We love local, and this is the page where we'll tell you about what we love about Sarasota, about Florida, and the South. Whether it's a local retail shop, or an artisan who we think deserves a shout out, or a local hero, this the page on our website where we'll do that.

LOCAL IS : WORKING WITH CHEFS around the corner and up the street. Sarasota has some fabulous new restaurants popping up, and the ones that have been around are still here for a reason. If you're a chef and you're interested in offering a cheese course as a standard on your menu, let us know. We will be happy to work with you to bring in your cheeses for you. We work with major cheese distributors and work directly with cheese makers, especially for seasonal cheese. We understand that you might not be able to bring in a 50lb wheel of an interesting cheddar, but we can. Our wholesale plan to restaurants, caterers and other food professionals, is flexible and we can tailor to your needs.

Email Louise  and she'll explain how it works and what the terms are. Louise (at) artisancheesecompany.com

LOCAL IS : BRINGING  FARM TO TABLE from small farms in and around Sarasota. If that is you, we'd love to work with you. We are looking to source dairy products.