Why Cheese?
Because my dear wife and life companion Louise decided that it would be a good idea for us to work together, 60 hours a week, for well…. nothing, but the sublime privilege of taking her direction in matters great and small. Kidding aside as long as we have our respective domains we’ve done surprisingly well in this our first year. We share a common work ethic and a love of food that makes the time fly by most days when we are in the store. We also love a challenge. As a lifelong entrepreneur, pilot, sea captain and wood worker most of my day to day working life has been spent in relative solitude to that of a “retailer”. I’m pleased to report that I have adapted far better than she or I expected and we’ve come to appreciate our customers many of whom we now count as friends. I've now been able to move back to my full-time passion of making the finest rocking chairs. If you're curious there's always one at the shop. If you're not local you can find them here.

Favorite music to drive by:
Jesse Cook, Willy & Lobo, Gove Scrivenor

Ice cream flavor:
Mint chocolate chip.

Pet peeve:
I thought this was a blog and I don’t have time right now to write a tome. I’m the Virgo in the shop. I have offered to conduct classes for all the ladies I work with in everything from HVAC, to the proper way to break down a cardboard box to how to properly polish a stainless counter. At every lecture I’ve put on the shop schedule I seem to be the only attendee. I’m sensing a conspiracy.

Favorite book:
The one I’ve been writing off and on for ten years which is currently 700 pages. I’ve got about two chapters left to write and then another major edit. It just might be completed one day if I ever manage to get out of retail.

Cheese of the moment:
Pawlet by Consider Bardwell; a mild, washed rind, raw cow’s milk cheese from Vt.

More….  I have always looked on life as a giant buffet with an infinite number of flavors and tastes to try. The cheese shop is another dish on that life buffet. I’ve owned an international magazine, raised venture capital for high tech start-ups, done M&A work, management consulting, Internet consulting, fine wood working and worked as a sea captain for many years. My only regret is that life isn’t longer to learn and try more things.