Ala Carte Holiday Cheese Collection


Cheese is a wonderful part of the holidays, or any festive occasion. So we've put together some of our all time favorite stand-out cheeses that we always have on hand. If we were going to a party, we'd want these cheeses to be on a cheese board. 

 We only ship to Florida, and the South (click here for geographic details).

For Sarasota and Manatee County, call me at 941 951 7860 and I'll take your pre order over the phone and have it ready for you to pick up. 

Just choose which ones you want and we'll send them on to you. They come in at approximate 1/2 pound wedges. (soft cheese weights vary). 

Green Hill - a soft bloomy rind cow's cheese from Georgia. 
Coupole - a stunner of a young goat's milk cheese from Vermont
Comte - a raw milk alpine cow's milk cheese from France
Challerhocker - an Alpine cheese from Switzerland
Beemster XO - a gorgeous cow's milk Gouda from the Netherlands
Midnight Moon - a Goat Milk Gouda
Manchego - a raw sheep's milk from Spain
Ossau Iraty - a Sheep's milk from France
Colston Bassett Stilton - the only Stilton we will have in the case

Don't forget to add a Fig Jam, and a box of crackers. Now you have everything you need for your holidays.