Do you live in Florida or parts of the South and have no access to a good cheese shop? Or do you have a friend of family member who lives out in horse country, loves good food, but there's no cheese around? Then this is the one to choose. The good news is that with fed ex ground we can ship in either one or two days and get the cheese there safely. We offer three levels for you to choose from. Cheese is packed up safely with ice packs inside an insulated box and sent out on the second week of the month.  We'll set aside 3 of our favorite cheeses each month, with an approximate weight of almost 1.5 lbs. You'll get the first pick of some of our seasonal beauties. It's a great way to learn about cheese and up your cheese game. Plus you get tasting notes! 

They make great gifts for a family member, or a bridal gift, or just because. And if you're traveling, we're totally flexible. We can work around your vacation schedule and delay your club for a month. We know what it's like. 


  • This cheese club is intended for shipping to the following states
  • Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi. 
  • If you are ordering this as a gift to someone who lives in the South, send us a note with their address. 
  • We will email you the week prior to find out if you are in town around the time of shipping
  • the Club begins on the following month after ordering. 
  • Please note that we cannot offer refunds on cheese clubs.