Cloumage Artisanal Curd - Shy Brothers Farm


The Shy Brothers’ farm encompasses the highest land in a peninsula between the two branches of the Westport River. The farm gets cooling breezes in the summer, even fog some days. The salt air moderates temperatures in the winter months. The cows are able to stay at pasture longer than most in the region. The brothers are careful with their animals and of course don’t use any antibiotics or hormones on their milkers. The brothers control the quality of their herd, one of the secrets to great artisanal cheese! These unique cheeses start in the pasture and can’t be duplicated because of the unique characteristics of their soil, grasses, and microclimate. The cheese is made using the oldest technique: letting the milk and culture do the work. No heat, no pressing, no hurrying. The flavor develops over 4 days. Cloumage® is a fresh lactic curd made from the cows’ milk at Shy Brothers Farm. When cooked, Cloumage® has the texture of a baked ricotta. Salad—potatoes—salmon—tarts—all flavors are enhanced by the zip of this curd.  The lactic tang of the curd marries well with both sweet and savory flavors.  We love it simply with fresh cracked pepper or fruit.  

MILK - Pasteurized Cow
TYPE - Fresh
REGION - Massachusetts
DAIRY - Shy Brothers Farm
FLAVOR & TEXTURE - Zippy and tangy with the texture of ricotta meets creme fraiche.

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