In a hurry Cheese grab bag...


We know you're busy, and sometimes you don't want to wait especially when the kids are out of school, the beach is waiting, or what ever the reason is. The summer in Sarasota is when we get to enjoy our friends and relax a little bit. So let us help you whether you're going to a picnic, a party, or planning dinner at home. Order a grab bag and we'll package up some of our favorite cheeses and have it ready for you. 

We choose your cheese for you, after all, if you can't trust your cheesemonger, who can you trust? The cheeses will be half pound wedges. 

3 cheeses, crackers, a preserve - $60
5 cheeses, crackers, a preserve, and a salame - $100 

When you get the confirmation email, just send us a quick email back and let us know what time you will need to pick your cheese up! And what day. We'll have it ready for you.