Manchego - raw milk Sheep's cheese


Awarded a Silver medal at the 2008 World Cheese Competition, Carpuela (the Story Teller's Cheese) is a raw milk, artisan D.O. certified Manchego from the La Mancha plain in Spain. This extraordinary cheese is made by the Gomez Moreno family from the milk of their carefully tended herd of Manchega sheep. The Gomez Moreno family has been making cheese in La Mancha since the late 19th century — passing their skills and cheese making techniques down to successive generations. Unlike most large industrial Manchego producers, Gomez Moreno carefully tends each wheel of cheese as if destined for their family table. Carpuela is carefully aged for 9 months to develop a rich flavor intensity that is bright on the palate with hints of grass and dried fruit. Carpuela has a story to tell — and this is all about how delicious an artisan Manchego should taste.


MILK - Raw Sheep
RENNET - Animal
REGION - Spain
FLAVOR & TEXTURE - The rind is slightly tacky and smells of caramel, roasted peanuts and aging meat. Chällerhocker tastes of brown butter and melted leeks with a salted caramel finish.

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