Master Classes


All new class series! Have you taken a Cheese 101, maybe a couple, and you want to take a deeper dive into the world of cheese? We get it. We've created a new seminar series. We invite you to join us for an evening of cheese 201, where we take you on a journey of turophile delight. 

We're offering 5 Master Classes starting this September through April, 2017. The classes will be small, just 8 people, (unless we get an overwhelming response) and they will be intimate, held at our front Harvest Table. Class themes will vary, from a class focusing on a certain milk type, a region, or a compare and contrast. 

Together we'll take a deeper look at all that we love about cheese. 

Cheese 101 is a pre requisite to take this Master Class.

The Master Classes are sold in packages and you will have first dibs on the reservation. We will send you a personal email as soon as we list the dates before we open them up to the greater community. 

5 - $300 per person - first pick at any of the 6 future classes. 
3 classes - $190 per person - first pick at 3 future classes. 
1 class - $65 per person - buy this one and come to a class when it fits your schedule.

Cheese 101 gift certificates do not apply, but if you are buying a package as a gift, we will send you a special gift certificate for the package value. 

If going deep into cheese is not exciting enough, we will throw in a years subscription to the 5 package people to Culture Magazine. It's like our Vogue but for all things turophile. 


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