Monograno Felicetti - Rigatoni


Monograno Felicetti Kamut Rigatoni is a whole-grain version of one of the most popular cuts. Kamut is the ancestor of durum wheat most commonly used for pasta, and has more protein, vitamins and minerals. Kamut is in the newest line of Felicetti family which has been making organic pasta in the Dolomites for over 100 years. Rigatoni is excellent for meat sauces, tomato and vegetable sauces, and makes macaroni and cheese special.  

INGREDIENTS:  organic Kamut Khorasan wheat semolina, water NUTRITIONAL INFO:  Serving size: 80g, Servings per container: 6, Amount per serving: Calories 276, Protein 11g, Carbs 54g, Sugars 2g, Total Fat 1g, Sat. Fat 0.2g, Trans Fat 0g, Dietary Fiber 2g, Sodium 0mg SIZE:  500g

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