Ooma Tesoros's Marinara - premium all purpose sauce


In the Summer of 2009, after making many batches of 'Ooma's sauce' to jar as gifts, as they had for many years, Robin and Michael Tesoro decided to take some jars to local farmers’ markets on the weekends. They were stunned by how quickly their sauce sold out at every market they went to. This encouraged them to take the next step and they were crazy enough to do so. Ooma Tesoro’s is passionate about real food and superior taste that are both simple and straightforward – the kind our grandmothers would recognize. And what is great tasting food unless we share it with others. As a new artisan food producer, they initially focused all of our energy and attention on one product to make it the most superior on the market. They chose a generations-old family recipe – an essential staple in our home for years – and made it new.

Ooma Tesoro's Marinara is a small piece in the better food revolution. We hope that Ooma Tesoro’s becomes a staple in your pantry. And that its house-warming aroma, highest quality of ingredients, and homemade taste will bring scrumptiousness to your table. Let its versatility be your secret weapon to cooking delicious meals in any creative way you chose, then feed it to someone you love. Call it homemade – we’ll never tell. Our Sauce They make their marinara sauce just the way Ooma did. Each batch of Ooma Tesoro's Marinara Sauce is made by her grandson, Michael Tesoro, who learned this recipe from her and who inspired his passion for food and cooking. Ooma Tesoro’s is made in small batches from whole and fresh ingredients of the highest quality. Each of the ingredients is in its purest state — unadulterated by artificial anything, and are FREE of  preservatives, colors, flavors, sweeteners, and hydrogenated fats.

Ingredients: Whole Plum Tomatoes, 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Fresh Onions, Fresh Garlic, Sea salt, black pepper, and a secret blend of herbs. 16oz (1lb) 437g

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