Send the Cheesemongers to the Cheese Conference


Every year the American Cheese Society - our membership organization, holds an annual conference. It's a great way to convene with retailers, cheesemongers, cheesemakers as well as a host of other cheese professionals. This year the conference is in DesMoines. We've decided to close the shop for the first week in August and all four of us are piling in the car and driving to Iowa. It's 20 hours but it will be an experience of a lifetime for our little shop. 

We're a small shop, and getting to these important conferences isn't always an option. So we have to consider them an every other year adventure. And we have to be creative in funding these trips. Every time we learn we bring back our education right back to the shop. 

We are creating a host of incentives to get us there to cover our travel, hotel, conference registration, and shared lodging. The cheesemongers are hosting monger driven cheese classes - stay tuned. We're also offering small dinners for 8 - 10 people at the shop. 

But we're also offering the following to help get us there. And we thank you!!

$50  – we will sing and dance our thanks to you! 

$100  – we will send you a $75 gift certificate! 

$300  – we will send you 2 $100 gift certificates!

$400  – we will send you 3 $100 gift certificates!

$500  – Cheese of the month club for 11 months - (local pick up)

$750 – we will arrange a private cheese party for 8 friends

$1000 - we'll send you cheese every month for a year anywhere in the country.