TruBee Honey


TruBee honeys capture the essence of a particular region and season.  Instead of confining their bees to a single-source diet, which isn’t healthy for the hives, the “free-range” bees are in places where they can forage tulip poplar, fruit blossoms and black locust in the spring, then feast on wildflowers, herbs and clover in the summer. Each jar of TruBee honey captures the taste of nature in a particular place and time. Given the changes in rainfall, sunshine and, of course, bloom time, the unique taste of each particular harvest may never be repeated again. It’s a little bit like old fashioned hedge honey, but the bees are more countrified now. Most important, TruBee honey is all-American, pure and unique. The honey is raw, unpasteurized and just like the bees made it.  In fact, since they fly up to three miles from their hives, it might have a little bit of “hedge” in it.   SIZE:  60z (170g)

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